10 Open Concept Apartment Interiors For Inspiration

The open design here allows the color scheme from the kitchen – grey concrete with pops of red – to spill over into the living room, making the whole space feel unified. The large modern coffee table is a nice touch.

The textures in this masculine apartment are what really make it pop. From the ceiling to the shag rug, every surface is begging to be examined and touched.

This design really makes use of every square inch, showing just how much furniture you can include even in a small space.

Instead of leaving the kitchen completely open, this apartment makes use of a half wall, so relaxing in the living room doesn’t mean staring directly into the kitchen.

Using white for all the walls, cabinetry, and even the ceiling really makes this open space feel bigger.

A cool sofa can take the place of a wall if it’s placed right, like it is here.

The smooth lines of this apartment carry you view right out onto the stylish balcony.

A comfortable loveseat is a perfect addition to this shoebox-size apartment that’s cute as a pair of ballet flats. You may notice the open layout does not restrict the color palette, with bold pinks in the living room and yellow accent swivel bar stools at the kitchen island.

Like some of the other examples here, an area rug takes the place of a wall and really makes things feel separate and different.

Having the kitchen and living room undivided is one this, but this home takes it a bit further, using glass doors to separate the public area from the private bedroom. Pretty bold, but very stylish.