10 Modern Fireplace Designs To Fill Your Home With Style And Warmth

Modern Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace: Fashionably wedged between two panes of glass may be a bit nontraditional for a fire, but it does make for a stunningly modern fireplace. This ethanol fireplace can sit directly on your tabletop, is portable, and will cost you under $100.

Small Round Table Top Ethanol Fireplace: This tabletop ethanol fireplace may be small, but it has big style.

Free-standing Bio Ethanol Fire place with Glass Sides: Get extra cozy with a freestanding, bio-ethanol fireplace. A modern glass enclosure encapsulates the flames of this beauty to create a fireplace that can be seen from all sides.

Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace: Portable, smokeless, odorless, non-toxic, non-polluting, and chic. What more can you ask for from your fireplace!? This tabletop, ethanol fireplace features real flames that provide both ambiance and warmth.

Modern Portable Bio Ethanol Fireplace In Stainless Steel: Glass and stainless steel are the killer combo that create this portable, bio-ethanol fireplace.

PuraFlame Octavia Portable Electric Fireplace Heater: A portable, electric fireplace with style and purpose. Featuring a life-like flame effect and heater, this fireplace can heat up to 400 sq. feet.

Curved Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace: A curved glass front gives this wall mounted fireplace the modern aesthetic that so many homes crave.

Modern Novelty Fireplace: A contemporary twist on the traditional bonfire. This unusual fireplace has a central burner that runs on bio-ethanol.

Vauni Cupola Fireplace: A wall mounted fireplace that is hard to miss! The curvaceous allure of the Vauni Cupola Fireplace will complement both traditional and modern interiors

Small Modern Freestanding Square Fireplace: A striking modern fireplace that feels like a work of art with its floating burner and bottom display shelf. Powered with clean-burning, eco-friendly bio-ethanol.