10 Modern Bedroom Design Ideas for Rooms of Any Size

This first room features a simple, low profile bed with lots of clean, white details. The wall behind the bed has a unique wavy texture which turns it into a cool makeshift headboard.

The use of wood in this bedroom makes it feel very cozy, from the awesome wood closet to the on-theme tree art behind the bed.

Here we see two different visualizations for the same room, one that showcases colorful pop art while the other utilizes more subdued tones – swan chair replaces the more reserved Bertoia Diamond, sunken bed changes to a very flamboyant yellow one and sinks, lamp shades & mirrors all match the more vibrant mood.

The amazing custom bed frame is certainly the focal point of this bedroom, which also features a cool accent wall and shiny marble floors.

Great design can be simple. With wood floors, a headboard bookshelf and couple simple seats, this bedroom has everyone you need and nothing you don’t.

Tending more towards a feminine style, this bedroom uses splashes of teal and coral for a beachy atmosphere.

By attaching reading lamps directly to the wall behind the bed, the designer of this bedroom has opened up more space while still letting the room feel complete.

The bright green walls in this small bedroom, with an elevated bed, give it loads of personality.

This small bedroom uses texture and reflection, to make the room feel comfortable and spacious.

The subtle red accents in this almost industrial room really give it a masculine pop.