10 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas Plus Tips On How To Accessorize Yours

Don’t have a bathtub to put on the pebbles? No worries, a patch of pebbles under the vanity works well too.

Placing a bathroom basin at window doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a vanity mirror. Mirrors can also be ceiling mounted, or suspended on a horizontal bar across the window pane.

It’s all about the atmospheric glow. Even the simplest, coldest looking bathroom schemes can be given a special cosy glow by installing perimeter lighting. Be sure to fully recess LED strips for a clean and subtle effect.

If you want to incorporate botanicals into your scheme then how about a planter that’s integrated right into the vanity unit countertop?

Plant a bathroom courtyard. Walling off a little courtyard area outside floor to ceiling windows gives you a garden view without worrying about privacy.

Sliding doors opening onto a courtyard not only makes you feel closer to nature but also provides great bathroom ventilation.

Another pink offering – this time looking pristine in pastel pink and pale grey.

You can colour with light too – in fact, colour-changing LEDs offer you the opportunity of changing your colour scheme on a whim, and at the single touch of a button.

Sanitaryware isn’t always white. Get a load of these amazing primary yellow facilities! Their hard edged linear design gives the bathroom a cool Mondrian style.

If copper is your cup of tea, then let it overspill into your bathroom. This traditional style roll top copper bath and modern copper pedestal sinks make a deluxe team. Smooth grey tiled walls counteract the heat of the shiny copper tone.