10 Master Bathrooms With Images, Tips, And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

… Though focussed artificial lighting provides a dramatic effect too.

You can use pebbles to easily and cheaply define a makeshift bathroom courtyard; simply plant a few pots in it. Putting the plants by the window is a good idea, so that they get plenty of natural sunlight to grow.

Add a slice of interest with contrasting floor treatments and wall tiles. It’s not unusual to pick out more than one style of tile for your bathroom to define a shower floor or a raised platform, but why not push it beyond parallel lines? Cut tiles or boards on the diagonal to make a stand out space.

LED perimeter lighting can make huge volumes appear weightless, as if floating just ever so slightly above the ground.

Add a little shimmer to your wet wall. The extra sheen will bestow a look of glamour on the whole room. Team with some marble accents to take the trend high-end.

Build a neoclassical bathroom blend. Incorporate modern bathroom furniture designs with classical touches, like elegant chandeliers and mosaic masterpieces. Don’t forget to add beautiful ceiling coving, corbels and wainscot.

Another stunning eclectic vision. The plants and cheetah bathroom wall decor lend a sense of fierce untamed appeal.

Cram in a faux courtyard. Does your master bathroom design have standing room only? Not to worry, the plants can share the shower cubicle with you. Voila! A glass courtyard.

One statement piece can change everything. The room would still look smart without a hammock bath, but not nearly so impressive.

Fill up on feature walls. Sometimes bathroom wall decor can take a back seat to the main and essential working parts. However, accent walls and wall art make a bathroom feel part of the rest of the house. Look at ways in which to incorporate warm wood panelling, stone or brick effect feature walls, and eye-catching prints.