10 Luscious Living Rooms

A black and white scheme creates high visual impact, and can be warmed by the introduction of just a little wood tone here and there.

An exposed brick wall introduces a lot of texture into any room scheme, and gains a modern edge when teamed with marble, concrete and glass.

A tiled floor is easy to keep clean and a glossy surface will reflect light back up into the room.

Pairing furniture pieces and accessories provides easy impact.

Try adding a statement chair into a neutral color scheme, or lift existing plain furniture with color pop cushions.

Plants always breathe life into a living space, and they are naturally timeless.

If you have a room with a view, let the view do the talking.

A typographical wall treatment provides a splash of interest.

Wood cladding makes a warming wall covering.

Make a statement with wall art, and don’t scrimp on the proportions! Large pieces hung in multiples look bold and daring.