10 Living Rooms for Book Lovers

A perfect place to install a particularly towering library in an open plan living area has got to be around a staircase. The rising treads provide the perfect climb to the top of the tree of knowledge, allowing stops at each shelf along the way. If your staircase at home is of the more traditional variety and space is at a premium, then you could still utilise the unused space beneath it for your book collection

Our living rooms are a ready made relaxation spot in which to lounge with a good book at the end of a long day, or over a lazy weekend. By moving a sofa just slightly away from the wall, in toward the centre of the room, ample space can be created for the installation of set of bookshelves behind it. Narrow book shelving won’t cause a huge subtraction of floor space from the room. You can soften the look with the placement of some decorative leafy indoor house plantsplant stands for added interest and to differ heights.

A bookcase can even be built to your own bespoke design by specialists. You could create a surround in which to hang your TV, for when you’re done with your reading. Don’t forget to install a librarians ladder for those high spots on your set of unique wall shelves too.

These three art prints, mounted in front of the bookcase, break up the bank of books and create depth to the display. Try hanging your own collection of art prints on the outer edges of your shelving for a new look. This option also allows for you to enjoy your gallery without compromising on storage space, as you can still house many of your books behind the beloved artwork.

A bespoke bookcase can be built right into the eaves, a great option if you are living under sloping ceilings. Strategically placed table lamps create various spots for reading.

If you have a bit of solid DIY knowledge you could even install your own to fit an unused awkward space in your home.

In this living room library we see artifacts and treasured keepsakes peppering the bookcase to break up the sea of books.

A dark gray shelving system creates a sophisticated look.

If you’d prefer not to have all of you books on display, doors can be used to partially screen your collection.

If you’d prefer not to have all of you books on display, doors can be used to partially screen your collection.