10 Living Room Projector Ideas That Beat The Movie Theatre Hands Down

Block it out. Thankfully, high lumen projector units have become more affordable, but you can also reduce your ambient light with blackout curtains like these plush grey drapes. Natural wood bookshelves balance out the other half of this living room with an uplifting golden tone. A matching bench works double duty as a media shelf and as a seat when the projector screen is retracted.

Nostalgic movie nights. Dark decor and dimmable lighting set an authentic cinema mood. It also means you can opt for a less costly projector with fewer lumens to successfully light the screen.

Build balance for each scenario. Built-in perimeter seating makes great sense for extra guests and hidden storage when a projection screen is retracted into the ceiling, and as a sleek media unit when the movie is in motion.

A distracting cascade. Indoor plants drop a cascade of greenery onto this empty white projection wall, causing the perfect natural distraction from its intended technical use.

Large projector screens offer great viewing for open plan living spaces, where they can provide the lounge, kitchen and dining areas equal viewing pleasure.

Catch some colour. If you decide to dampen down the ambient light with a darker decor scheme, consider amping up the brightness in colourful soft furnishings and wall art to compensate.

In moderate ambient light, a projector with around 2000 lumens can suffice, but very bright rooms may need approx 3000 to produce the desired results.

Brighter projectors are not always better, of course, a 3500-lumen projector in a pitch-black room can be rather dazzling. This white living room compensates for the brighter projection unit at night with an evenly distributed track lighting scheme.

Let the screen be your window blind. This is a great option for rooms that lack wall space due to large expanses of glass and architectural features.

Hidden in plain sight. This projector screen fits edge-to-edge upon a dividing wall. The exact dimensions successfully camouflage the screen into the white wall decor.