10 Linear Pendants and Chandeliers for Stylish, Perfectly Even Lighting

Linear Pendant LED Lighting: Easy to install and super low maintenance, LED linear pendants are a fantastic solution for active households.

Flat Linear Suspension Light: Thanks to the wide and flat LED panel, this suspension light casts even illumination even over larger surfaces – ideal for use as task lighting over a kitchen island or other workspace.

Geometric Linear Suspension Chandelier: For another solution that puts empty vertical space to good use, this suspension chandelier cuts a cool geometric profile with interlocking rectangular fixtures.

Geometric LED Linear Pendant Lights: Here is another take on a similar concept, this time with simple lines intersecting a sleek ring light.

Darlana Linear Pendant: Designed by E.F. Chapman, the Darlana pendant is a favorite among those who seek traditional style with contemporary appeal.

Oval LED Linear Pendant Light: Here is another take on the oval linear pendant light concept, this time oriented on its side to cut a more noticeable profile.

Simple Geometric Linear Suspension Light: This simple suspension light features a 36” light bar supported by two rectangular vertical frames.

Industrial Wood Linear Suspension Pendant: Rustic charm meets sleek modern construction with the Evans 5-light suspension.

Industrial Style Reclaimed Wood Linear Chandelier: For a more rugged industrial look, this linear chandelier suspends 10 independent fixtures from a beam of deeply weathered reclaimed wood.

Gold and Black Spiral Linear Chandelier: A ribbon of black and gold spirals along a linear path, punctuated by points of LED lights along its length.