10 LED Desk Lamps For Stylish Everyday Productivity

Louis Poulsen Yuh LED Desk Lamp: The sculptural Yuh lamp by Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi is a true work of modern artwork for the desk.

Minimalist LED Desk Lamp: Smooth continuous construction simplifies and redefines the standard desk lamp format.

Menu Phare LED Desk Lamp: Designed by Stanislaw Czarnocki for Menu, the Phare LED desk lamp is rechargeable so that it can be used without a power outlet.

Jellyfish LED Desk Lamp: This unique desk lamp combines Art Deco sophistication with modern technology.

Balancing Rechargeable LED Desk Lamp: With its weighty octagonal base and lightweight LED array, this unique desk lamp appears to defy gravity through a creative balancing act.

Minimalist Wood LED Desk Lamp: This beautifully handmade desk lamp features touch-sensitive controls glued between the layers of bent plywood, allowing for a smooth minimalistic look without any distracting buttons.

Unique Magnetic LED Desk Lamp: Mix work and play with a creatively constructed Heng lamp.

Portable Modern LED Desk Lamp: This portable LED lamp can follow you from work to adventure to relaxation all with its smart multipurpose design.

Red Bellhop Portable LED Desk Lamp: Cordless and conveniently rechargeable, the handy Bellhop LED desk lamp provides high-end style with excellent portability.

Circa LED Desk Lamp: The humble task lamp has been smartly refined with Circa by luxury lighting studio Pablo.