10 Industrial Style Lighting Fixtures To Help You Achieve Victorian Finesse

Industrial-Style Table Lamp: Making your home Victorian can begin in the home office.

Industrial Robot-Like Lamp: Fancy a lamp with more personality? This robot replica offers a LED bulb for a head and a valve for an arm.

Industrial Bedside Lamp: Edison invented the light bulb, and in this piece with his creation, one of our most unique table lamps.

Running Man Industrial-Style Bedside Pipe & Socket Lamp: Crafted from a range of iron plumbing fixtures, this running man sprints from one household to another.

Industrial-Style Adjustable Pipe Chandeliers: Looking for a chandelier without a trace of bling? This painted copper find boasts nine lights dangling from tap fittings.

Industrial Dining Pendants: This set of three cages come with a two-year warranty.

Vintage Industrial-Style Pendants With Wire Cage: More cages abound, with this set of three lights in different designs.

Industrial Pipes With Valves Pendant Lighting: Still finding your chandeliers too pristeen? These industrial mini pendant lights feature three sockets, three valves and a design well-suited to the modern man cave.

Industrial String Lights: 24.8 feet worth of cord can last up to 3,000 hours, in this hipster lantern find. Drape them over your porch for a magical invitation to your next dinner party.

Industrial-Style Bedside Wall Lamp: Black wrought iron steals the scene in this vertical light. Bulbs on either side create a sleek look unusual for industrial times.