10 Industrial Style Bathrooms Plus Ideas & Accessories You Can Copy From Them

Industrialise the look of a plain mirror. This plain frameless mirror is given more character by suspending the glass from an industrial style hanger. Exposed copper pipes frame the sides, as do the wall lights

Create a brick wall with tiles. If you’ve not got exposed brickwork in your bathroom, how about creating an alternative with metro tiles or a brick effect shower panel? The shower wall pictured here towers right up to the rafters to stunning effect.

Add industrial signage. The toilet wall in this bathroom scheme sports industrial designs that might not mean much to read but they do add quirky interest.

A more elegant example of industrial furniture framing. This time metal pipework holds sconces at either side of a vanity mirror. Matching bronze legs support a concrete countertop.

You don’t have to be a DIY whizz to enjoy the upcycled aesthetic. This industrial pedestal design can be purchased online, the sink is from Stone Forest.

Ditch fancy faucets altogether. Give the glossy showroom a miss and head down to the plumbers merchants to buy basic bits to create your very own utilitarian tap design – or ask a good plumber to do the job for you.

Match your bespoke copper pipe taps with a copper u-bend and towel rail, and maybe throw in a few slicker copper pieces like an on trend side table or pendant light.

A burst of greenery in an otherwise desaturated space can draw the eye in.

Exposed copper pipework can be used to form shower fittings as well as bathroom faucets. To avoid the effect that your bathroom is simply unfinished, add in sleek matching accent pieces like a copper industrial style vase.

A combination of marble and concrete creates winning contrast.