10 House Numbers for Fabulously Functional Curb Appeal

Address Plaque with Magnetic House Numbers: This planter and address plaque combination is made-to-order in a wide variety of finishes so you can find the perfect fit for your home style.

Black Acrylic Floating House Numbers: Floating house numbers immediately capture attention, great for use against highly textured backgrounds like stone.

Custom House Numbers Colorful Plaque: Color is a quick and easy way to make sure your house numbers pop.

Red Powder Coated House Address Numbers: While address plaques offer easy installation, individual address numbers provide greater flexibility.

Floating Black House Numbers: These floating house numbers keep things simple with a sleek modern font.

Art Deco House Numbers and Letters: Looking for something period-appropriate to match your home architecture? These house numbers are inspired by Art Deco style, a perfect fit for homes built at the turn of the century – and often appropriate for mid century modern homes as well.

Wooden House Numbers Plaque: Wood address plaques are not a new concept, but the innovative designs available today certainly explore a fresh new frontier of aesthetic possibilities.

Wooden Contemporary House Numbers with Planter: Here is another take on the wood number plaque concept, this time with a built-in planter.

Elegant House Number Plaque: Luxury finishes can transform the look of a wood number plaque.

Stone Tile House Numbers Set: In some areas, tile address numbers have historical roots as remnants of forgotten standardization processes – every city has their own story and unique look.