10 Green Bedrooms With Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

Update a classic shade. Dark green bedroom walls build a look of deep sophistication. Team dark green decor with a grey bedstead and a modern floor lamp to keep the look current.

You can modernise a hunter green bedroom with an attention grabbing monochrome rug and a sputnik chandelier.

Light and refreshing. The freshness of green and white bedroom decor is like biting into a crisp green apple. Sprinkle seeds of dark wood or black accessories in to complete the fruit of your creation. Does the circular chandelier look like cut fruit or is it just us?

Do you find it difficult to get up in the mornings? A zesty lime green bedroom might just do the trick to pull you out of your early slump! Go all out with matching accessories to really ramp up a positive get up and go outlook.

Team shades of green with colours from the same side of the spectrum. Cool blue accessories work smoothly against a green canvas to make a calm and tranquil sleep space. The green background in this bedroom is textured by exposed brickwork, which brings added depth to the room design. The warm glow of LED perimeter lights accentuates the rugged surface.

Accessorise with indoor plants. You don’t have to go out shopping around home decor outlets to accessorise your green bedroom design, just take a wander around your own home and gather up a flourishing array of houseplants to boost your new space.

Illuminate the look. Modern wall sconces and a typographical neon sign burn brightly against deep forest green bedroom paint here. A beige tufted headboard and smaller neutral accents balance out the bold feature wall.

Oh-so-easy au naturel. Use natural rattan furniture, jute rugs, burlap cushions and terracotta pots to quickly warm up a cool light green bedroom design. These earthy tones also bring a sense of effortless laid-back style–and because they are completely neutral they can easily be repurposed in new colour schemes or other parts of the home, bonus!

Make breathing space. In this home design, solid olive green bedroom walls and matching green bedroom curtains have been separated by a large expanse of white wall. The break in colour gives the single strong hue plenty of space to breath.

Muted greens act as neutrals. Sage green bedroom walls make a beautiful muted base for pastel pink, sunny yellow, shades of blue and even lilac accents.