10 Gorgeous Yellow Accent Living Rooms

Let’s begin our exploration of yellow décor with an especially strong example. This artistic home features smartly-arranged yellow accessories, a great way to spice up the gray sofa and open kitchen shelves. The painting ties the theme together.

Here, part of the allure comes from surprise – while the pillows and throw were expected, but the single yellow dining chair and the yellow clock pendulum are absolutely delightful. Darker golden-yellow table napkins are a nice accessory.

Yellow is an energetic color, but it doesn’t have to be loud – here, select red and orange accents help bring those sunny yellow tones down to earth. Subdued goldenrod is a staple where relaxing colors are concerned.

Luxurious matte black and stark white decor yields to the brightness of carefully-chosen yellow accents, like the sideboard table and the sofa throw pillows. Taking center stage is the bright yellow Nikos chair by Sergio Bicego. The circle living room chandelier adds to the ambience.

Light yellow and blue make such a cheerful interior theme! Note how the upholstery of the chair matches up with the tufting on the sofa pillows – a unifying feature can increase your odds of a cohesive look if you’re ever unsure about including a single item for contrast.

Do you have a piece of furniture you never use because it’s hard to match the color? Here, the bright Grand Repos Lounge Chair by Antonio Citterio blends smoothly into an interior of varied yellows ranging from subdued dandelion to bright lemon. Variety can make all the difference.

Artistic black and white decor provides a neutral backdrop that makes the wooden elements stand out – the furniture looks absolutely lively! Here, the only two yellow accents are the classic Danish chairs to the left (a 1953 design by Helge Sibast) and the oversized throw pillow to the right. We love those gorgeous nesting coffee tables!

Rich jonquil yellow takes center stage in this modernist interior. The angular sofa in the background is quite striking, especially the choice of beige pinstripes.

Blue and yellow are usually paired in their more vivid forms, but these subdued shades wonderfully lend themselves to the relaxing atmosphere set by the stone walls and rich wood floors. The curtains are the only yellow feature that adopts a brighter tone, perhaps to draw attention to the view outside.

Stunning! In a space with ceilings as high as this, it can be hard to ensure the upper portions of the walls feel interesting and appealing. This design takes height to task with bright yellow niches that run all the way up the matte black accent wall. From there, a series of bevels and recessed lights and wooden slats prevents the ceiling from looking bare.