10 Garden Statues To Add An Artistic Touch To Your Outdoor Décor

Flamingos Garden Statue: A classic garden statue subject trades in the cheap plastic look for a chic, glossy enamel. A great way to add a pop of color to any backyard or garden.

Decorative Weathered Crane Garden Statue: Being a symbol of good fortune and longevity, who wouldn’t want a crane or two in their garden!? This rustic, metal duo has been topped off with a patina finish that will only get better with age.

Bronze Garden Cranes: Another crane couple, but this time in a sleek bronze. This crane comes as a single and can freely stand on hard, flat surfaces or be staked in the ground for greater stability.

Herons With Outstretched Wings: This exquisite, bronze pair of heron make quite the statement with their outstretched wings, almost as if ready to take flight. Handcrafted with thick metal and finished with high quality, metallic paint.

Sitting Dog Statue: In the words of Mr. Burns, “Release the hounds!” This sitting dog statue is made of magnesia and finished off in a distressed grey. Available looking in either direction.

Dog With The Flower Basket Statue: Man’s best friend and apparently quite the decent flower gatherer. This statue represents the love and loyalty of a true friend.

Dog Memorial Statues: All dogs go to heaven, but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss them like crazy when they’re gone. Celebrate the life of your pup with a memorial statue.

Weathered Angel Garden Statue: A rustic guardian angel to look over you and your garden. Some reviewers have even stated that is makes a great memorial piece.

Angel Playing The Harp Garden Statue: A treat for the eyes and the ears! This harp playing angel statue uniquely features 10 wind chimes that will harmonize with every gust and breeze.

Yeti Garden Statue: This just in! There has been a Bigfoot sighting in the garden. Fair warning, probably not ideal for those with neighbors that can’t handle a good scare since he does come as big as life size.