10 Formal Living Room Ideas With Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

Mix colour and class. Classically tasteful in its approach yet colourfully executed, this rich, eclectic formal living room exudes character and vibrant energy from contrasting sofas and stools. A large area rug pulls the contrasting arrangement together.

Bring in a bench. Conversational seating arrangements make a welcoming, sociable layout in a formal living room. Enclose the seating area on all four sides without cutting it off from the larger space by employing a sleek modern bench design.

Soften a square space with a curved sofa. The smooth silhouette will detract the eye from the encroaching corners. Add a large ceiling rose and a spherical chandelier to complement the rounded shape theme.

Frame with a blast of botanical beauty, like this plant lover’s modern french interior design. Introduce green accent furniture to expand upon Mother Nature’s colour palette.

Two facing sofas produce a smart but rigid layout. Try softening out those edges with two curved sofa alternatives to create a more relaxed setting.

Keep sofa upholstery and scatter cushions plain and take pattern to the floor with a spectacularly bold living room rug. Use coffee table adornments such as vases, bowls, and decorative trays to heighten interest nearer to eye level.

Play with light and shade. This mesmerising living room chandelier is given a contrasting black background to draw attention to its exquisite detail.

This modern crystal chandelier gleams in the sunlight from clerestory windows, whilst an imposing TV wall makes an impressive statement in bold black and gold finishes.

Sunlight and nature. If you’re the fortunate owner of a double height living room that’s flooded with natural light, then use that bright influx to feed an indoor garden, as well as your soul.

Hang a mid-century vibe with a ceiling-mounted fireplace. These shapely fireplaces can tuck neatly into corners to produce a cosy glow where there is no chimney breast present. The wooden coffee table and mid century modern chairs drive home the look.