10 Extraordinary Sinks That You Will Not Find In An Average Home

Our first interesting find under a faucet is this elegant bathroom sink that has an etched glass base. When raised up on it’s waste collar, the base casts a beautiful light pattern over the surface of the vanity unit below.

This organic form is the solid resin ‘spoon sink’-the sister product the award winning spoon urinal-which mimics the shape of a single teardrop.

Irregularly stacked pebble shapes make up the limited edition ‘Water Stone Faucet’. The zen-garden worthy tap is teamed with a gently scooped sink, and comes in a contemporary chrome finish or a delicate china white.

Resembling the shape of the Calla lilly, the ‘Kalla’ sink is a freestanding form made from Cristalplant.

This sharp corned cuboid outline appears to hang precariously in mid-air, with waste water disappearing into the subtle mount.

The ‘Eaux Eaux’, or ‘Water Water’ basins become crashing waves as the water from the fully integrated faucet touches down into the bowl.

A disappearing sanitary ware design has been made possible by topping the washbasin, toilet bowl and shower tray with solid larch wood covers. The WC volume also incorporates a small storage drawer to the side.

Here is a concept that combines the sink with the toilet. but rather than for the sake of aesthetics it does this for the very important purpose of conserving water. Here is how it works: After using the WC, the hand basin can be used to cleanse your hands with fresh water. The water used will then be stored in the tank as gray water for when next you flush.

A low level sink.

LED drama.