10 Ensuite Bathrooms With Tips And Ideas To Help You Design Yours

Well rounded design. Okay, so not everyone has a cylindrical mansion in the mountains but we had to include this spectacular ensuite as inspiration for unique bathroom picture windows. This rounded floor-to-ceiling vista makes a magnificent setting for dreamy bathtimes.

Lime washed bedroom walls will complement a marble ensuite bathroom decor scheme. Continue the stone inspired palette with a soft grey bed set and matching rug.

This round rug reflects the outline of a spectacular skylight. The ensuite bathroom tub nibbles at the edge of the woven mat, alongside a grouping of wicker planters.

Create pause. A rustic timber column causes a brief visual pause between this sleep space and ensuite bathroom. The column, which supports the edge of a glass partition wall, is just interesting enough to cause the eye to stop without becoming a dominating distraction.

Cut through it with colour. A huge bedroom suite can contain many areas, from the sleep space and a bedroom lounge to a reading nook and a workspace. An open plan ensuite bedroom can get lost in the mix, so why not make it stand out from the crowd with a show-stopping ruby red glass bathtub?

An alternative way to split your bedroom space to include an ensuite bathroom is with a dual aspect fireplace. Situate the fireplace at the foot of the bed to warm your toes and the tub.

Bathroom building blocks. If you have the floor area, consider fragmenting your bathroom facilities into separate blocks that loosely complete the whole picture. This abstract layout gives couples more space to comfortably share the facilities without feeling crowded, and without cutting off into two separate bathrooms.

Another successful bedroom/bathroom split by a modern fireplace. This time, the fireplace wall is also utilised as a toiletries storage chamber to serve the tub.

Solve window wall conundrums with ceiling mounted vanity mirrors and freestanding pedestal sinks.

Pull a boldly colourful bathtub design into the bedroom decor scheme, without reducing its impact, with a single matching accent cushion.