10 Egg Cups to Bring Fun and Fashion to Your Breakfast Routine

Handmade Colorful Geometric Egg Cup Set: Each one a handmade work of art, these geometric egg cups are sculpted and decorated with a dynamic hand-poured finish.

Handmade Ceramic Toucan Egg Cup: This sculptural toucan-shaped egg cup was designed by UK-based ceramic artist Hannah Turner, each one produced with eco-friendly production in mind.

Penguin Cook and Serve Egg Holder: A meal of egg with soldiers requires a perfectly boiled egg – if you’re preparing multiples, a holder like this one can provide the consistency you need.

Porcelain Dinosaur Egg Cup: Crafted from colorful glazed porcelain, these dinosaur egg cups provide a tasteful way to play with your food at the breakfast table.

Knight Egg Cup: Serving an egg has never been more fun than with this creative knight in armor design.

Mr. Egg Cup with Spoon: Not only does the cheerful Mr. Egg include a metal spoon for eating, but it also includes a miniature hammer to use when removing the top of the egg.

Colorful Chick Egg Cup Set: These simple porcelain egg cups are decorated to look like tiny baby chicks, each one with a different brightly colored beak.

Handmade Green Polka Dot Egg Cups Set: These handmade and hand-glazed egg cups offer a dash of cheerful art for your breakfast table arrangement. Each one is finished in bright lime green and accented with polka dots.

Green Porcelain Egg Cup Set of 6: These large egg cups feature a unique shape that catches the eye, each one finished in a beautiful olive green glaze and delicate white accents on the base.

Le Creuset Stoneware Egg Cup: Le Creuset is legendary for producing stoneware that can last a lifetime, and their unique egg cup series is no different.