10 Cozy Bedrooms With How-To Tips & Inspiration

Add in earth tones. The neutral fabric and wood tone touches inside this nomadic style bedroom create a wonderfully warm and earthy look. Styling should be casual and unkempt to properly achieve this laid back look – and to make it a place you can flop with a great book and a steaming hot coffee without worrying about ruffling the sheets.

Get some roommates. The rejuvenating effects of inviting living indoor plants into a room is like a receiving a big healthy hug.

Use softer storage solutions. Matching storage bags have been used as a casual storage solution for extra bed throws, art supplies and magazines too. The lack of hard furniture in this artist’s bedroom makes for a soft and relaxed feel, where you can quickly pull out the paint brushes and a canvas to let creativity take flight.

Love your lighting. Even the simplest of spaces can be made cozy with the right lights. Try hanging pretty pendant lights or lantern shades in clusters to create a larger feature. Add glowy table lamps and floor lamps, and incorporate reflective surfaces into your decor to double the effect. When creating your lighting layout, think relaxation and romance.

Add a cozy bedroom chair, like this beautiful swing chair by the window where you could while away the hours. A set of globe string lights have also been strung from the wooden rafters for magical effect come nightfall.

Finish off a cozy guest room design with tea and coffee making facilities to give house guests a warm welcome.

Line the walls with storage. This attic is cocooned in closets beneath the rafters.

Bask in the sunlight of roofline feature windows.

Create a cozy rustic bedroom with wide wood cladding, raw stone walls and decor inspired by nature. Then kick off your slippers and warm your toes by a roaring wood burning stove. We are in love with that bedroom chandelier!

Invest in librarian ladders and stack the bookshelves even higher.