10 Cool & Unique Toilet Paper Holders

Do you use super-strength rolls? This adorable strongman roll holder is up to the challenge! Playfully named Mr. T, this design is sure to brighten any bathroom.

Too funny! This dog rear toilet paper holder will definitely get guests talking at your next house party and nobody will ever forget the day they had to pull toilet paper from such an unusual place.

Robotan is a charming porcelain roll holder that comes in several bright colors. The cute little robot ears hold the toilet paper.

Remember the Mr. T toilet paper holder? Introducing Mr. P – this charismatic pair can give each of your bathrooms a distinctive personality by making TP fun.

Need a gift for a teacher or nutritionist? This apple-shaped roll holder also accepts stacks of ordinary facial tissues after removing the interior spindle, and it would look right at home on a desk.

This incredibly detailed toilet paper holder takes the shape of a ferocious dragon with intricately shaped scales and immaculate coloring. This dragon would be a fun piece for any hardcore fan of fantasy books. By the way, if dragons are your thing, don’t forget to check out our post on dragon home decor.

It’s hard to find an elegant holder for toilet paper rolls. It’s just not the most elegant of concepts, that’s all, but this shouldn’t stop you from searching out something that fits your interior decor. This holder is constructed of stainless steel and coated with pure copper to prevent rusting. Complete with concealed screw mounts for simplicity, this piece is the ideal choice for a refined home.

Very minimalistic! This brass toilet paper holder is surely a stylistic improvement from the bulky plastic rollers from big box stores.

Never let a guest face the embarrassment of an empty toilet paper holder ever again! This dispenser has plenty of space for spare rolls.

A sturdy cast iron design similar to the previous giraffe, but featuring a graceful cat instead – as demonstrated in this photo, these extra-long dispensers can also work well as paper towel holders!