10 Cool Headphone Stands & Earphone Holders To Make a Feature of Your Beats

Bluelounge Posto Headphone Stand: Don’t interfere with your headset’s beauty. This simple white stand is compatible with all types and brands, boasting a silicone headrest that moulds to their shape.

Just Mobile HeadStand for Headphones: After a slight twist? Make your holder’s front rectangular and place your cables underneath to create this aluminium dream.

Anchor Under-Desk Headphone Stand: Gift you and your work-mate the perfect office accessory. This dual, under-desk hanger can hold both your beatboxes and remove the cords beneath your feet.

Typographic Wall Mount Headphone Holder: Live in a non-tech friendly home or workplace? Clearly mark your headphone holder, with this typographic, black nylon plastic find.

AmoVee Black Acrylic Gaming Headset Holder: After a more minimalist find to keep your modern home office desk looking neat and tidy? This one-curve stand in black acrylic has a thicker, more ergonomic base that won’t wobble or tip over.

Curved Wooden Headphone Stand: Match the more natural tones of your office or bedroom. This beautiful walnut stand mimics the shape of a head, providing the most reliable shape for your headphones to relax upon.

Walnut Finish Wooden Headstand: Want the wooden look in a more realistic shape? Crafted from three slabs of black walnut, these 10-inch heads are timeless enough to pass through the generations.

AMP3 Luxury Glass Skull Headphones Stand (Bronze Finish): Dare to be different with your headphone stand.

Female Glass Head Headphone Stand: Craving a more feminine energy? These universal glass heads provide the artistic – with or without your headphones upon them.

Earphone Cord Manager: Get something a little snazzier for your everyday. Easy to tuck into pockets or handbags, these tan leather pouches make untangling cords easy.