10 Bud Vases for Go-Anywhere Botanical Décor

Opalescent Bud Vases Set: This bud vase set includes three small containers each with a different shape but finished with the same opalescent effect

White Ceramic Bud Vase Set of 3: Different sizes and shapes add variety while the white glaze provides unity. These simple bud vases maintain a sense of uncomplicated simplicity, allowing even the most basic blossoms or foliage to take center stage.

Kubus White Bud Vase: Small accessories offer an approachable way to enjoy the work of the world’s most prominent designers on a more accessible budget.

Matte White Sculptural Bud Vase: Standing at just over 7 inches in height, this bold ceramic vase creates a sculptural impression that looks just as beautiful alone as it does when filled with botanical cuttings.

Jonathan Adler I-Scream Bud Vase: Jonathan Adler is known for creating beautiful but unexpected takes on everyday objects

Menu Wall-Mounted Bud Vases: Note Design Studio elevates the concept of a simple bud vase, transforming any botanical cutting into a dramatic work of wall art.

Geometric Black Bud Vases Set: Geometric decor elements remain just as hot as ever. This bud vase set features faceted sides accentuated with an offset gold-finished frame.

Geometric Small Glass Bud Vases: Mix and match these fun-shaped bud vases to create an exciting arrangement that perfectly suits your decor.

Mini Colorful Glass Bud Vases Set of 5: These small bud vases are especially petite, offering a fantastic way to decorate smaller surfaces like desks and makeup vanities.

Zaha Hadid Crevasse Bud Vase: Legendary architect Zaha Hadid was known for her unforgettable structures that used unconventional geometry and perspective, qualities that are reflected beautifully in the twisted form of the Crevasse flower vase from Alessi.