10 Blue Living Rooms To Relax The Mind, Body And Soul

This pure sky blue paint colour has got to be one of the most relaxing of all. Teamed with white adjacent walls, floor and furniture the look is kept fresh and uncomplicated. The introduction of green from indoor plants acts as a subtle splash of contrast against the hue. Black accents brought in via a console unit, cushions and nesting coffee tables add just enough weight to the light scheme.

If dark and sumptuous opulence is more your style, then this dark blue lounge scheme with a plum coloured sofa and yellow ochre cushions is sure to inspire. The decorative bowl and the books lend a busy look to the coffee table. Bronze accents and colourful wall art complete the decadent decor.

Another dark blue decor scheme but this time with a slightly pop art inspired feel due to high contrast sunshine yellow accents and graphic prints on cushions, artwork and a geo rug that dazzles through the glass top of a mid century modern coffee table. Notice how the living room wall decor closely matches the palette of the rest of the room.

A beach theme is hinted at in this living room. Striped chairs that recline low like traditional deck chairs, and a tasseled area rug on a pale floor like a beach rug on pale sands. Blue panels cover a feature wall, reminiscent of a beach hut. The coastal look is reined in and given a modern edge with the introduction of black metal coffee tables and unique wall shelves.

Is there any colour more restful on the eye than duck egg blue? The calming colour of this bespoke bookcase has been put with a beautiful blush sofa in this pastel coloured lounge. A pink and blue colour combination looks super sweet, but here the cute clash is toned down by the addition of a soft sage accent wall plus deep wood stain.

A volume of light blue storage cabinets makes a great divider in this open plan space. Again the blue hue has been warmed by the introduction of soft pink, this time in the form of an area rug. The sweet shades lift the monochrome scheme but are relaxing rather than jarring.

An orange Chesterfield sofa and a gold floor reading lamp sing off midnight blue wainscoting.

Like gazing up into a cloudless summer sky, this lofty sky blue living room looks heavenly.

Orange meets blue again in this enormous layout. Because blue is at the opposite side of the colour wheel to orange, the combination is naturally striking.

A blue-yellow mix in more muted shades.