10 Beautiful Kitchen Clocks That Make The Kitchen Where The Heart Is

Chef Kitchen Clock: Feel like your household should have a full-time chef? Buy one in the form of a clock, with this surprised, hand-painted fellow in plastic casing.

Black Cutlery Kitchen Clock: Fancy it in black? This version changes its centre, for a nifty fit in a monochrome décor.

Cutlery Kitchen Wall Clock: For something a bit different, this cutlery clock is certainly crafty. A stainless steel face and silent quartz clock means it tells the time without getting in the way.

Wine Bottle Wall Clock: A splash for the pasta, a sip for the cook. Dinner and wine are famous companions – as are these 12 wine bottles, beautifully metallic and hand-painted.

Wine Theme Glass Wall Clock For The Kitchen: Its time to spice up reading a clock. Perfect for the wine lover, this hand-made Hungarian glass time teller sets the scene in grayscale – with a two year warranty.

Modern Frying Pan Kitchen Clock: Have a row of saucepans for a clock to accompany? You’re in luck with this iron find, a non-toxic option with forks and spoons acting as hands.

Frying Pan With Egg Clock: A bigger fan of frying an egg? Running on AA batteries, this unusual design has all your guests guessing.

Oversized Cutting Board Wall Clock: Is your family chef a master chopper? These large wall clocks mimic their favourite wooden tools, with faces full of Roman numerals.

Distressed Kettle Metal Kitchen Clock: Don’t like wall hangers? Dare to be different, with this teal-painted metal teapot in an antique, rustic finish.

Pouring Teapot Black Kitchen Clock: Make the teapot modern again. Made from acrylic diamond, this closely-adhered design reverses its colors in white or gold.