10 Beautiful Black Bedrooms With Images, Tips & Accessories To Help You Design Yours

Keep it simple. An all black bedroom suits minimalist bedroom furniture, with clean linear shape.

Black makes a perfect backdrop. When walls are knocked back in black, you can go wild with colourful accessories, like this tricolour light installation. Black also makes a good base for standout furniture pieces like this unique painted bed.

Borrow light – and colour. This bedroom is opened up at the back by having a glass wall ensuite bathroom. This can contribute extra daylight via the bathroom window, or it can just be a way to introduce another colour. In this case the open ensuite adds a glowing woodtone vista to the scene.

Rich rustic. Black and rich woodtone make an ideal colour narrative for a rustic bedroom scheme. Bring in a chunky black metal pendant light and some natural woven baskets to shape the theme.

Wire up the wardrobe. Another way to get lots of light into the back of a dark room is by installing a closet with glass doors. By day, the glass will reflect natural light from the window. By night, the closet can be a lightbox, where LED strip lights glow from the garment rails and shelving. Edge other shelves in the room too, for an all around glow.

A little splash of white will go a long way. Thin white electrical wires of a modern pendant light scribble luminously across a subtly patterned black wall here. Slender white bedsides trim the baseline.

These circular bedroom pendant lights hang like moons in a pitch black sky. A red stool and blue ottoman break up the neutral scheme.

Hit the sheets in a black and blue room. This black bedroom has been dressed with a blue bed set. As the bed is such a massive item in the room, changing out the colour of the bedclothes will completely change your colour scheme – you could have a new look every week. Check out the beautifully warming stripe of wood shelving across this cool slatted black headboard wall too. Illuminate a slatted wall along the ceiling line to pick out the detail, and hang a modern chandelier to layer up the look.

Dark decadence. Nothing has quite the same depth of decadence as a black and gold bedroom. Push it up a notch or two with a gold four poster bed and black boiserie. Notice the unusual placement of a fireplace between the windows too. The decorative surround houses a group of pillar candles – though always remember to keep lit candles away from draughts and curtains.

A more subtle black and gold bedroom scheme – this time just two elegant gold pendant lights bring the glamour. A blonde wood floor matches their tone.