10 Beautiful Bedrooms That We Are In Awe Of

Visualizer: Stefanie Chapman Intricate boiserie and delicate wrought iron details make this beautiful white bedroom look lighter than air. The indoor house plants help bring the outdoors in.

With backdrop like this, a straightforward interior is the only way to go – the furniture is comfortable and stylish without upstaging the beautiful view outdoors.

Vibrant, unique furniture makes this bedroom stand out from the rest.

The picture windows and deep mezzanine offer a dramatic setting for the drums – sometimes the best interior design for musicians is simply having wide open space to work.

Moving away from purely scenic homes, this space makes a big impression with its illuminated bedroom wall texture.

These wall panels don’t include their own lights, but their subtly tilted facets do a wonderful job of catching the light from the window and the recessed fixture behind the headboard.

This room has multiple layers of lights for different purposes – practical yet unique bedroom pendants as task lighting, with softer indirect mood lighting radiating from the accent wall.

Here are even more lighting ideas! A backlit panel provides subtle lighting above the bed. The side table lamps are from the AJ collection by Arne Jacobsen.

There is no shortage of bedroom lighting ideas out there. It’s all about determining the effect you want to create, like this ultra-modern geometric look.

This black and white bedroom doesn’t even need high end wall panels – its unique headboard centers the design.