10 Bathtubs that Redefine Relaxation Through Smart Features and Fresh Style

Minimalist Freestanding Bathtub: Let your imagination wander with this minimalistic freestanding bathtub – a streamlined design with a spacious interior, providing plenty of room to stretch out and relax. This design measures at 67″ long.

Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub: For minimalism with a touch of decorative flair, this shapely freestanding bathtub is sure to capture attention. One end is raised to create a comforting backrest for all-encompassing comfort.

Acrylic Garden Bathtub: Acrylic bathtubs like this one offer tremendous freedom when it comes to decorative form. They also tend to be much lighter than their porcelain or cast-iron counterparts, saving effort and money on installation.

Acrylic and Fiberglass Bathtub: Minimalist bathtubs are easier to keep clean. This design has no hidden nooks and crannies to harbor dirt, ensuring a fully hygienic bathing experience. This contoured design measures at 55″ long, ideal for moderate-sized bathrooms.

Black and Gold Freestanding Bathtub: Looking for something artistic? This handsome bathtub features a textural exterior surface finished in black and radiant gold. And at 69″ in length, this design provides a high standard of comfort to match its enviable appearance.

Concrete Freestanding Soak Bathtub: Constructed from a unique blend of concrete and jute fiber, this freestanding bathtub offers an incomparable tactile experience. This piece is fully sealed for resistance against scratching and stains. Extra thick walls provide incredible insulation for long-lasting heat retention.

Blue Freestanding Bathtub: Why settle for ordinary when you can complete your bathroom with a functional work of art? This freestanding bathtub is hand-painted in aqua blue and mossy green, a relaxing aesthetic to match its comfortable construction.

Faux Copper Clawfoot Bathtub: Clawfoot bathtubs offer ample opportunity for stylistic expression. This handsome design is finished with a hand-painted copper exterior, the body made from lightweight acrylic for flexible installation.

Drop-In Sunken Bathtub: Drop-in bathtubs are extremely versatile – they can be used with aftermarket cladding, can be placed in existing enclosures, or can be used in innovative recessed placements like the one pictured here. This acrylic bathtub measures at just over 59″ long and 29.5″ wide.

Small Japanese Bathtub: Inspired by the deep soaking bathtubs widely appreciated in Japan, this design features a compact footprint with tremendous relaxation potential. This soak tub pumps thousands of gentle micro-bubbles into the bath for enhanced enjoyment, the built-in hand shower making it easier to rinse away suds.