10 Bathtub Ideas With Luxurious Appeal

Irresistibly smooth and balanced. Fixtures centered on the wall of the tub can accommodate an occupant lounging in either direction.

A subtle pedestal permits a lighter aesthetic than designs that rest on the floor. The slender faucet lacks any excess or ornamentation, allowing its graceful curvature to capture the spotlight.

An ovoid tub is the crown jewel of any minimalistic bathroom. This design features a subtle faucet and overflow so the comforting shape can take center stage.

It’s easy to fall in love with this bathroom. This round tub features a slightly curled rim and a defined bottom edge. The smallest details make all the difference in a space characterized by its simplicity.

Perfect symmetry, illuminated by a whimsical hanging light arrangement that drenches the occupant with a soft glow.

The smooth satin finish makes this black freestanding bathtub a delight to behold. The slightly recessed tile underneath is an especially inspiring touch.

A bathroom as bold as this one certainly deserves a truly distinctive bathtub. The Cuna tub, by Patricia Urquiola, is braced with a tubular bronze frame for a sense of structure and elegance.

A delicate balancing act with intriguing proportions.

Sculptural and unforgettable, the Petali Bathtub offers a unique approach to bathroom design, where the tub is the centerpiece and a work of art as well. The space underneath each petal could easily accommodate a small bookshelf or dressing stool.

Clean lines for a casual space. The thicker rim on the outer edge looks functional, weighty, and visually appealing.