10 Awesomely Stylish Urban Living Rooms

The wild colors in this area rug are reminiscent of the pixels on a computer screen and make the whole space feel instantly modern and hip. The sofa hues match that of the modern coffee tables.

Shades of white a rusty shag rug make this living room just a bit edgy, but not over the edge. The yellow Arne Jacobsen lounge chair draws the eye.

There’s nothing fussy about this cook living room, from its minimal (but showcased) wall art to its mismatched furniture.

The wide open spaces speak for themselves here – not to mention the amazing windows.

Plenty of luxury seating and a view of the pool makes this living room the ultimate indulgence.

The creative lighting in this modern living room gives it an extra something special.

There’s something so sweet about this cozy white living room that a pop of pink would be a welcome addition.

Making this most of a small apartment space, this living room sticks to the essentials.

If you had an amazing turquoise sofa like this one, you’d let it be the centerpiece of your living room, too.

Finally, a super white urban design with cool copper accents. Dreamy.