10 Awesome Animal Sculptures & Figurines For Home Décor

Panther Swarovski Crystal: Panthers spell luxury, and this Swarovski sculpture is no exception. Descending down a ledge of black spot granite, its Moroda crystal beams bronze and metallic blue.

Golden Jaguar Figurine: Who’d want this jaguar to change its spots? This resin cat statue is coated in black glass and gold.

Bronze Lion Sculptures: Prefer to celebrate the lion’s majesty instead? This ten-inch statue would look a treat inside a bookcase.

Glass Fox Figurine: Make foxes out of glass. Containing no dyes, paint or decals, these pure glass sculptures inspire your inner cunning.

More Animal Busts: Using the same resin and stone, Buckley extends his range to include the lion’s mane, gorilla’s snarl, tiger’s roar and more.

Kay Bojesen Monkey: Monkey around with this Scandinavian find. Made in Denmark from a classic 1951 design, its 31 parts in limba wood and teak form a major Danish television personality.

Ceramic Minimalist Cat Figurines: Love cats instead? Buy this family of four for your kitchen or hallway table.

Kay Bojesen Painted Zebra: One of Kay Bojesen’s first exotic animal sculptures, this 1935 design is still hand-painted to this day.

Geometric Deer With Copper Horns: Feeling your hall table could hold something deer? This sculpted white Bambi with resplendent copper horns makes the natural seem refined.

Dragon Knife Sculpture: Introduce the underworld to your interior, with this unique knife statue. Crafted in polyresin, its painstaking detailing could have a place upon your bookcase.