10 Arty Bedroom Designs With Images And Tips To Help You Decorate Yours

Bursting with botanicals. Neutral toned artwork dominates this dark room, and the botanical element is brought forth with indoor plants dotted around the space.

Exaggerate lofty room proportions with towering murals. This palm themed painting leads the eye all the way up to scrolled chapiters, classical coving, and a beautiful double circle chandelier.

Another take on nature’s artistry, this whitewashed rocky bedroom wall features climbing plants all the way over the bed.

A framed vertical garden offers a more controlled approach to indoor greenery. Black wall panels create a deliciously dark contrast with the freshness of the green foliage.

If you prefer to confine plants to pots and paper, then the botanical theme can be stretched with a solid green painted accent wall.

Extreme sports not your thing? Switch the surfboards with a grid for hanging interchangeable prints.

An all encompassing red bedroom scheme is always a statement, but you can take the rich aesthetic to new levels by adding in hand painted art with a golden theme.

This polyptych is created by applying designer wallpaper to panels of varying widths. What makes this particularly effective is the L-shaped arrangement around the bed, which stages the area almost as a room within a room.

Make a splash with contrasting colour. Teal and red make a dreamy dark scheme, and a drop of yellow is just enough to lift the combo and draw out small gold fixtures in the room.

Beautiful borders. Carved panelling over the headboard, decorative mirrors at the bedsides and traditional ceiling roses make luxurious deep profiled additions to even the plainest of spaces. The crystal bedroom chandelier completes the look.