10 Amazing Attic Bedrooms That You Would Absolutely Enjoy Sleeping In

This rustic attic bedroom is striking. The chandelier made from antlers is lit up by the natural light let in by the large window. Wooden walls and a wood burning fireplace make this space so cozy.

An attic space is open and inviting with large windows. Wooden floors are kept light and not too dark so that the entire space feels open and inviting. The only black used in this room is the inside of the windows and the mounted art above the gray bed. White window covers make it easy to shield out light when you’re needing more shut-eye.

One of the best parts of having an attic bedroom is that you can use as much creativity as you’d like! This bedroom has a teal wall and lots of industrial lights hanging above the bed. A favorite accent is the glass separator that divides the bed and the master bathroom. A freestanding tub and rectangular white sinks give this space a modern flair.

The architect PL Architekci must believe in the simplicity of design. This white bedroom looks dreamy and cozy at the same time. The large angled windows invite air in and the bed on the ground make it feel like a real escape. Books ad a cup define this space as an introvert’s paradise. A clear acrylic lamp and black framed art piece balance each other out.

Even though the only orange item in this room is the throw on the bed, it immediately grabs your eyes! The simple bare wood of the walls is perfect because of the triangular architectural details crawling up the them. The white floor extends to the bed and the headboard. Textures are kept simple to draw attention to the accent wall.

Don’t be fooled by the black and white artwork hanging on the back wall of this attic! At first glance it may seem like a window, but it is not. The window in the space is located on the left wall. Canned lights can be moved to fit the owners needs at the top of the room. Closets are kept white and closed to hide contents while the bookshelves are open and show off a fun collection of books!

Wood walls don’t make this bedroom look dark because they are lit up by the large angular window. The white platform bed contrasts well with the wooden accents and matches the modern floor rug. A quaint desk is tucked away in the corner, which makes this attic feel feminine and delicate. The bedroom chandelier adds to the charm.

Every single thing in this attic is a light wood grain. the only things that aren’t are the bedding, which is neutral, and the lamp shade. The result? A room that feels as if it is blending effortlessly with the outdoors. The simple windows give glimpses of pine trees outside and the rest of the room seems to have been designed around them.

With the curtains closed, you can tell the main point of focus in this bedroom is not the windows. The cushion-like base of the bed seems to be the focal point. White wooden beams cross across the top of the room and an intricate rug holds everything together. Visualizer Tuisuz embraces gray and makes it look layered in this room.

Bright and white, the only thing holding this attic bedroom down is the dark hues of the bed and the chair. The ceiling comes together like the shape of a barn and the windows melt into the walls with their white shade. A small window ledge showcases art, books, and natural colored items. The few furniture pieces that are in the room are streamlined and dramatic. The light, bed, chair, and wooden side table are kept near-to-the-ground to contrast with the tall ceilings. The colors of the bedroom chair and bed also help with the contrast.