10 Aesthetic Bathroom Designs With Tips And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

Artistic elegance. Classic artwork mounted inside a quirky modern frame builds a fun juxtaposition for an eclectic bathroom design. A slipper bath silhouette with a modern matt grey finish straddles two eras of elegant style.

Textures and lighting. Take the en vogue slatted panel aesthetic into the bathroom with a textured bathtub design and highlight it with atmospheric mood lighting.

The stone slatted finish is taken up onto an attention-grabbing feature wall in this bathroom design. Skylight shutters and narrow wood plank flooring complement the linear detail.

Modern melts. This bespoke microcement bathtub and pedestal sink are designed to melt into the floor with smooth, invisible seams. A fluted glass privacy screen and a unique vanity mirror echo the curved edge aesthetic.

Another melded bathtub design, this hand-crafted tub appears to extrude right out of the smooth cement floor. An incredible rockface feature wall provides deep textural contrast.

Match the decor palette to the bathroom view. This desert home takes inspiration from a sand and rock panorama to form a cream and stone bathroom interior. The space is kept open and minimal, just like the outer environment.

Layers of love. If you adore gardening or are just wild Mother Nature herself, then why not add layers of plant love to your bathroom to suit your personality? Complement the lush greenery with rich, natural wood tone and cool stone grey.

Fresh air and blue skies inspire this fresh bathroom decor scheme. Pale blue stucco draws a cool curtain around a wall of mature cactuses. There is no window in this bathroom, only a skylight, but the sky blue walls and botanical decor create an outdoor feel.

Carve out platforms and stepping stones with linear slabs and pebbled borders. Add a concealed ribbon of LED light around the edge of the bathtub platform to further elevate the look.

Even tiny bathrooms can be a whole vibe. Think texture, light, and a love of botanics.