10 Luxury Bedrooms With Images, Tips & Accessories To Help You Design Yours

This grey bedroom offsets its neutral hues by diving into the bright and bold world of turquoise. Not only is this color eye-catching on its own, but when applied to the modular furniture within the bedroom, it creates a contemporary aesthetic with a slight futuristic vibe.

A luxurious bedroom shouldn’t just be for adults. This luxury kids’ room is fit for a teenager and its design creates the perfect retreat to do homework or unwind. The visualizers of this room made great use of soft neutrals, but they also made sure that the space still felt youthful by adding fun design elements, such as the abstract black and white floor and the acrylic swinging chair.

Seductive dark hues are perfectly illuminated in this space using bedroom pendant lights. The regal gold present on them, as well as the unique bedroom chandelier and end tables, makes this space feel like it is fit for modern royalty.

Closets are often hidden, but this bedroom took a completely different approach. A sitting area has been created in this open-concept closet perched in the middle of the bedroom. An interesting design choice that absolutely feels right for this space.

This Asian-inspired bedroom doesn’t have a lot of color, but it does have a whole lot of character. Running with the theme of koi fish, we can see that this motif has been used on both the wall and the floor. The 3D wall art really gives this room some extra dimension.

Usually when we picture a bedroom with a wardrobe, this isn’t quite what springs to mind. This bedroom keeps things open by using partitions of glass and marble. Both great building materials that can help you achieve a more glamorous bedroom.

If you’re not sure if a blue bedroom is a good fit for luxury, think again. You will notice that many luxury bedroom are big on metallic and neutrals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use color. A great example is the color blocked corner of this bedroom.

This minimalist bedroom is comfortable and chic with its four poster bed and large flat screen TV. A four poster bed is another great option to up the luxurious vibe in a room. They are a bit more classic than platform beds and they come in many modern designs.

A mix of elements we have seen in previous bedrooms in this collections have been expertly executed in this design. Ceiling-to-floor curtains, oversized headboard, hanging pendant lights, and the use of marble are a few that we can spot right off the bat.

The marble and wood decor seen throughout this design is not an uncommon combination in bedrooms that are looking to achieve high style. It is a dynamic duo with transformative capabilities.