Tearing Ricky Ponting recalled Shane Warne: “I wish I had told him how much I love him

Ricky Ponting said he was devastated by the news of Shane Warne’s death, adding that he couldn’t process it. Warne and Ponting shared a wonderful relationship as they were part of several memorable victories for Australia.

Shane Warne and Ricky Ponting were friends on and off the field (AFP Photo)


  • Shane Warne died March 4 of a suspected heart attack
  • Ponting said news of Warne’s death was ‘so raw’
  • Ponting and Warne have been part of several memorable Australian victories

Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting broke down as he recalled his memories with good friend and former team-mate Shane Warne, who died of a suspected heart attack on Friday March 4. Speaking to Isha Guha for ICC TV, Ponting spoke about the connection he shared with the legendary leg-spinner and how he plans to carry on the legacy of the cricketing great.

Shane Warne died in a villa in Thailand He sent shockwaves through the cricket fraternity during his personal journey to the Asian nation. Ponting said he snatched the phone from his wife, who broke the news of his former teammate’s death to him. The acclaimed captain said he couldn’t believe the news and was in shock.

Warne played 34 Tests under Ponting’s captain and saved 200 wickets from his 708 total. The two cricketers shared a wonderful relationship. The two have been part of several Ashes winning campaigns and were part of the team that won the World Championship in 1999.

Ponting said he was unable to digest the news of Warne’s death and shed a light on how difficult it was to hear his voice on TV when the leg spinner clips were playing.

“I woke up really early, I got the kids ready to go to netball and Rianna (Ponting’s wife) checked her phone and told me the news about Warney,” Ponting told the ICC.

“I grabbed the phone from her to look at it and I couldn’t believe it and it’s still the same. It was so raw for me that I couldn’t really speak and every time I thought about him and our experiences and our journey together and I just couldn’t find the words.

“To this day I still had the TV with me to watch the tributes, but every time I hear his voice I have to turn it off.”

“I wish I had told him”

Meanwhile, Ponting revealed his only regret regarding Warne, adding that the pair occasionally met for golf sessions as they share the same Melbourne suburb.

“I would say how much I love him,” Ponting added.

“I didn’t say that to him and I wish I had.”

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