Shane Warne had not been drinking, was on a diet to lose weight, late Australian cricketer’s manager says

Shane Warne’s manager dismissed the notion that the legendary Australian cricketer was a heavy drinker, adding that he had not been drinking at the Thai villa where he was previously found unconscious pronounced dead on Friday. Warne’s longtime manager said the leg spinner has a diet plan to lose weight and get back to full fitness.

tried unsuccessfully to revive him. Warne was taken to Thai International Hospital by ambulance but could not be revived. The Australian’s body was taken to Koh Samui Hospital for an autopsy.

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Warne, who is arguably the biggest nutcase to have played the sport, has had a fair amount of controversy off the field during his glittering career. Wherever he traveled, he sometimes drew unwanted attention. However, his manager James Erskine dismissed the perception that Warne is a drinker and has been on drugs.

Erskine said Warne had traveled to Thailand with his friends on a well-deserved break, after which he was due to travel to the UK for work commitments.

“He was on holiday, lying down, siesta, not drinking, he was on this diet to lose weight,” Erksine said, as quoted by Australian newspaper The Age.

“He didn’t drink much. Everyone thinks he’s a big drunk, but he’s not a big drunk at all. I sent him a case of wine, 10 years later it’s still there. He doesn’t drink and has never taken drugs. He hated drugs, so nothing unpleasant.

“He would do the things he loves to do. He would play a poker tournament or two, play a lot of golf, be with his kids, that was it; [to] have time for yourself.”

Meanwhile, Erskine also disrupted the turn of events before Warne was pronounced dead on Thursday, saying his friend Andrew Neophitou was looking for him at the villa after he failed to show up for their scheduled meeting.

“You were supposed to meet some people at 5 p.m. Neo was next door, he’s always on time,” Erskine said.

“He realized he wasn’t doing well. He tried to give mouth to mouth resuscitation, tried to revive him, he had no heartbeat, the ambulance came 20 minutes later and an hour later he was pronounced dead.”

Thai police said Saturday a forensic team will inspect the mansion where Shane Warne was found unresponsive. They were also to take statements from Warne’s friends who had accompanied the cricketer on his trip to Thailand. The testimonies are being taken as part of a judicial proceeding in a death.

Warne’s death sent shockwaves through the cricket fraternity as fans and cricketers alike mourned the death of the legendary cricketer. Teams from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Australia wore black armbands in tribute to Warne during their tests at Mohali and Rawalpindi on Saturday.

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