Shane Warne dies: Forensic team inspects villa in Thailand, takes testimony from cricketer friends

Thai police are ready to inspect the villa where Shane Warne was found unresponsive before he was pronounced dead at a hospital. They will also include statements from friends of the cricketer who had accompanied him on his personal journey.

Photos and beer bottles can be seen at the statue of cricket legend Shane Warne outside Melbourne Cricket Ground (AP Photo).


  • Shane Warne died at a villa in Thailand on Friday
  • His family statement said he died of a suspected heart attack
  • Warne’s body was taken to Koh Samui Hospital for an autopsy

Thai police said Saturday a forensic team will inspect the villa where Shane Warne was found unresponsive at a hospital and later pronounced dead. The legendary Australian cricketer died on Friday at the age of 52 during his personal trip to the Asian nation

A statement from the family on Friday said SHane Warne died of a suspected heart attack and doctors tried unsuccessfully to revive him.

Thai police said the villa was being inspected and they would also take statements from Warne’s friends who had accompanied the cricketer on his trip to Thailand. The testimonies are being taken as part of a judicial proceeding in a death.

Police in Thailand said a friend who was staying at the same complex went to check on Warne when the cricket star failed to show up for dinner and found him unconscious at the villa.

Warne was taken to Thai International Hospital by ambulance but could not be revived. The Australian’s body was taken to Koh Samui Hospital for an autopsy.

Warne’s death sent shockwaves through the cricket fraternity as fans and cricketers alike mourned the death of the legendary cricketer. Teams from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Australia wore black armbands in tribute to Warne during their tests at Mohali and Rawalpindi on Saturday.

Thai police said on Saturday a forensic team would inspect the villa where Australian cricketer Shane Warne was found unresponsive and later pronounced dead in hospital.

They are also expected to take testimony from Warne’s friends about the incident as part of the court hearing in a death.

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