Nita Ambani introduces the women’s empowerment platform Her Circle in Hindi

To mark this year’s International Women’s Day, Nita M. Ambani, Founder and Chair of the Reliance Foundation, announced that Her Circle, an initiative that connects the power of women with the power of the digital revolution, is now launching a Your Circle Hindi app on Tuesday.

Her Circle was originally founded and launched by Ms. Ambani a year ago and the women’s digital platform has reached a total reach of 42 million.

Introducing the Her Circle Hindi App, Ms. Ambani said, “Her Circle is an evolving platform intended for all women, regardless of region or language. I want our reach and support to expand unhindered.”

“And to reach more women in their relaxed language, we’re launching Her Circle in Hindi first. We’re going live in March 2022 and I hope it gets as much love as the English platform has received so far,” she added.

Alongside the launch of the Hindi app, Ms. Ambani celebrated Her Circle’s first anniversary by appearing on its first-ever digital cover and giving an exclusive interview.

Her Circle’s year one milestones include a large list of goals in the areas of digital adoption and connectivity. Thousands of job opportunities curated and listed for users have connected them to the right career choice, the Reliance Foundation said.

“The extensive master classes for professional make-up artists, food stylists, fitness trainers, dog trainers and radio jockeys have found serious customers. With 30,000 registered female entrepreneurs in our network, we have a community of women who want to work together and rise together,” it said.

Sir HN Reliance Hospital’s network of medical professionals provide free health and medical advice within 24 hours on specialties such as mental wellbeing, physical fitness, skin care, gynecological concerns and counseling. Thousands of women have benefited from this timely service, she added.

“Empowering women, still a long way to go”

Meanwhile, women from the corporate sector speaking on this year’s theme, “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow,” said it would go a long way towards empowering women.

Sujaya Moghepadhye, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations, Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Founder and Chair of the Jaya Foundation, said: “Women are – and always have been – about sustainability.”

“Women protect the environment. care for women. Women get life. Women educate and educate humanity itself. This is a day to pay tribute to all women who are helping to build a more sustainable future for all,” she said.

“Promoting gender equality in the context of the climate crisis and disaster risk reduction is one of the greatest global challenges of the 21st century. Environmental degradation hits the weak and vulnerable hardest. Women are more dependent on natural resources; therefore more vulnerable to climate change and environmental degradation,” she added.

dr Saloni Wagh, Executive Director, Supriya Lifescience Ltd said: “Women are more effective at bringing about an endemic behavior change that will save the environment and climate. Women around the world are involved in sustainability initiatives even as they fulfill their corporate duties and responsibilities.”

“As a human race, we all have an obligation to empower women to lead efforts towards a more sustainable future, using methods essential to sustainable development and greater gender equality,” she said.

“Without gender equality today, a sustainable future and an equal future remain beyond our reach. So here is a call for all women to demand a far bigger role in the ESG management of our environment, our businesses and our lives,” she added.

Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance said it unveiled a campaign called #ComplimentNotCompare, asking people to be aware of their bias towards women in everyday life.

Conceived and implemented by Leo Burnett, the campaign debunks the misconception that “being compared to a man in every aspect of life is a compliment to women”.

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