Molitics Infomedia raises funds to grow the business

Molitics Infomedia has raised an undisclosed sum from New Delhi-based Saamag Group to expand its social, political and media applications business.

“We founded the company from our own funds. This is the first round of investment. Running the two apps will be sufficient for the next 12 months. Later we will look for a larger sum,” said Anudeep Jaglan, director and founder of Molitics.

The Gurugram-based company has developed two applications – Molitics for journalists, social activists and political commentators, and Molitics+, a subscription-based model for political leaders that it intends to use to bridge the gap between political leaders and ordinary people.

“It’s something that educates leaders about the needs of voters and allows ordinary people to air their issues in relation to a particular leader or group of leaders,” he said.

“How these apps work may sound like a Twitter. But it’s completely different. All information provided by users about a specific region, zone or area in relation to basic infrastructure or a specific guide is verified by us.

According to him, more than 100 national and local political leaders are currently using M+ in individual capacities, while four prominent political parties have used M+ to expand their reach, build teams and empower themselves.

“This social media platform will also provide its users with all political information such as the leaders’ encyclopedia, real-time polls and election results,” he said.

Mr. Anudeep also said they plan to enter the Bangladesh market in the next quarter.

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