Lasa files a lawsuit for a temporary restraining order

Lasa Supergenerics Ltd., an API manufacturer, said it had filed an injunctive relief against Lohita Lifescience Pvt. ltd and others seeking infringement of their Patent No. 326628. This relates to an invention entitled “An Improved Process for the Preparation of Methyl 5-(Propylthio)-1H-Benzo [D] Imidazole-2-ylcarbamate, which protects the process used to make a product called albendazole, the company said in a regulatory filing. “This could be another milestone for Lasa as it could stop its competitor from manufacturing and trading one of its key products and allows the company to continue its leadership position for its key products worldwide,” said Omkar Herlekar, chairman and chief executive officer, Lasa supergenerics. “We continue to closely monitor criminals and stand ready to engage fully with the appropriate authorities to maintain our market share,” said Dr. Herlekar. In addition, Lasa said it is also seeking interim and interim relief pending the hearing and final settlement of the lawsuit, seeking an amount of ₹300 crore in compensation for the loss of business opportunities and customers at large scale worldwide.

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