IPL 2022: Mumbai Indians look very close-knit and family-oriented; Such teams are always good – Jofra Archer

England pacesetter Jofra Archer is not surprised that his new franchise, Mumbai Indians (MI), have won five Indian Premier League (IPL) titles, extending the record, as he believes close-knit and family-oriented teams always do well cut off. Remarkably, despite being unavailable for this year’s IPL season, Archer was bought by Mumbai Indians for a whopping Rs 8 crore.

The 26-year-old, who has undergone two surgeries to treat his affected right elbow, will sit out of IPL this year as he continues his recovery from the injury. But he’s already excited about the prospect of joining the franchise in the future.

“MI comes across as very close-knit and family-oriented, and teams like that always do well. So it’s no surprise that we’ve won five titles,” Archer told the team’s official social media handle.

“Polly (Kieron Pollard) has been there for 10 years, (Lasith) Malinga has been there a long time, same goes for Rohit (Sharma). Those things make you feel safe when you join the team as a new player,” said Jofra.

The perception of fast bowlers has always been that they’re an angry bunch who need to stoke that fire to generate a fearsome pace.

However, the Englishman, who has played 42 games in various formats apart from winning a World Cup with his team, said it was about staying calm.

“I think you have to be calm as a fast bowler because you have to know when to step it up and when to tone it down,” he said.

“When I’m calm I can just make better decisions. Bowling doesn’t really change depending on the conditions either, you just have to know when and where to use your variations,” he added.

After his Test debut at Ashes 2019, where he picked up two whistles, Archer had thrown an unplayable bouncer to Steve Smith. Smith went on to miss the third Test with a concussion.

“I mean, I’m not going to call it one of my best deliveries because he’s still come back and batted in the rest of this series.

“For me the best ball always has to be a wicket-take delivery, the batter has to be sent back,” he said, picking whoever made Travis Heads wicket in the fourth Test as his best delivery.

“I think the best delivery I’ve ever bowled came of this series when I hit back Travis Head’s middle stump in the fourth Test.

“The previous ball he had just knocked me down and I was angry. The next ball that I remember got one back in him and I had a smug look on my face afterwards,” added Archer.

MI will be the second team Archer will play for in the IPL after Rajasthan Royals where he was part of the team for three seasons. He was sacked by the Royals after missing the 2021 season with a recurring elbow injury.

The speedster thinks the move will be a great opportunity to see where he stands.

“The change of environment is good because then you can challenge yourself. It’s okay to perform in your comfort zone, but if you actually walk away and start performing on a different team in a different environment, that’s probably the only way you can start evaluating yourself,” he said.

“It’s like when Cristiano Ronaldo left England for the first time, people said maybe he wasn’t good outside, but then he showed his performance and did it wherever he went. No one can ever put his skills in now Ask a question. It’s pretty much the same concept.”

On March 27th, the Mumbai Indians will open this year’s IPL campaign against the Delhi Capitals.

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