India v Sri Lanka: Rohit Sharma had a superb debut as Test captain, says Sunil Gavaskar

The great Sunil Gavaskar said he was impressed with Rohit Sharma’s early impression as Test captain. Test series in Mohali.

Said Gavaskar India wins with 2 days to go against Sri Lanka shows that Rohit Sharma’s lead on his debut as captain was spot on.

India put on a clinical performance against Sri Lanka, hammering the hosts in 3 days. After posting 574/8 in their first innings, India conceded Sri Lanka for 174 and 178 in a 4-session span to take a 1-0 lead in the Test series. Rohit made some bold decisions including holding off Jasprit Bumrah in the 2nd inning and supporting Jayant Yadav even as Ravindra Jadeja and R. Ashwin ran through the Sri Lankan attack.

“Excellent debut (as captain). If you win within three days, that tells you that your team was superior. More importantly, when India fielded, the bowling changes were very impressive. The catches went right where the fielders were. The outfield players didn’t move much. What does that tell you? Space on the field,” Sunil Gavaskar told Star Sports.

“Even the bowling changes, you could possibly argue that Ravindra Jadeja came on a little late in the first innings but at the end of the day the team won with two days to go.

“I would give it a 9.5 out of 10.”


Notably, Rohit replaced Virat Kohli as India’s new Test captain after the Delhi batsman resigned from his role after a 2-1 defeat in a Test series in South Africa. There has been speculation about Kohli’s successor, but the selection committee backed Rohit as captain in all three formats despite concerns about his fitness.

Former Indian pacesetter Ajit Agarkar pointed out that Rohit Sharma was more relaxed than Virat Kohli in his first test as captain, and praised his decision to enforce a “rare” episode and finish the game within three days.

“He did one of the most incredible things. He forced the follow-on, which doesn’t happen that often in cricket these days. And rightly so, a lot of runs and he wanted to finish the game,” Agarkar said.

“Rohit does things his own way, much more relaxed than Virat. Virat’s numbers as a Test captain are also incredible. India has done well at home. Rohit started the right way in space and he has a good side too.”

Rohit hopes to end the Test series 2-0 when the two teams meet in the day-night test in Bengaluru starting March 12.

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