India Cements launches two new cement brands supported by MS Dhoni

The IPL brand CSK was integrated with cement brands for the first time during the brand launch

The IPL brand CSK was integrated with cement brands for the first time during the brand launch

The leading cement manufacturer The India Cements Ltd. (ICL) has signed Chennai Super Kings Captain MS Dhoni to support its two new brands – Concrete Super King and Halo Super King.

It was the first time that the brand launch saw the integration of the Indian Premier League (IPL) brand CSK with a cement brand and for the first time Mr. Dhoni as Vice President, Marketing, India Cements and CSK Captain, this supports it, said company officials.

Addressing the media, ICL Vice Chairman and General Manager N. Srinivasan said that both (ICL and CSK) have close ties. ICL has always believed in quality. And it was a better name to associate with CSK, who was the champion.

Concrete Super King is a breakthrough cement that resonates with characteristics heavily inspired by Mr. Dhoni’s phenomenal strength, speed and behavior on the field, officials said.

Halo Super King Cement is designed exclusively for precast hollow blocks. It enables rapid setting, improved structural strength and stability, and meets everything from autoclaved aerated concrete to hollow blocks.

They called Conkrete Super King a new product and said it offered a one-stop solution for all concrete needs from foundation to roof.

“The new products are application-related and are manufactured using different processes. The ingredients are different. Besides the new brands, other brands will coexist in the market,” said D. Muruganandam, President (Operations).

“The new branded products will be available on shelves from Thursday and they will be £25 more expensive than the existing ICL products,” said Parthasarathy Ramanujam, Chief Marking Officer.

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