Godrej & Boyce saves 3 billion liters of water in 3 years


Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd said it would save three billion liters of usable water over the next three years. The company will achieve this goal by collecting rainwater and recycling wastewater, eliminating the need to collect freshwater for its industrial processes and uses on its campus, it said. “Since 2010, Godrej & Boyce has saved over 12 billion liters of water, of which 5.6 billion liters of water was saved by collecting rainwater and 6.5 billion liters of water was saved by recycling wastewater within and beyond campus,” it added added . For rainwater harvesting, the company has installed more than 50 intervention structures that facilitate the replenishment and replenishment of groundwater on its campus and in the communities. To allow more water to seep into the soil and increase groundwater concentration, the company has planted over 1.5 lakh trees on its campus and surrounding communities and intends to plant around 25,000 trees by 2025. The conserved mangroves in Vikhroli, Mumbai are host to over 10 lakh trees. Tejashree Joshi, Head, Environmental Sustainability, Godrej & Boyce said: “While India grapples with the challenges of climate change, Godrej and Boyce are committed to making India greener and for that, groundwater remains an important resource that is needed “It provides almost half of the world’s total drinking water needs and about 40% of the water needed for irrigated agriculture and about 1/3 of the water needed for industry,” she said.

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