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Ever since the Seattle Seahawks traded Russell Wilson, they’ve felt like a team lacking direction, especially in the quarterback department. Though the Seahawks seem eager to rock 2022 with Drew Lock in the middle, NBC Sports’ Peter King is playing says Drew Brees would be a good fit in Seattle should he actually come out of retirement.

We know Brees probably won’t return as an analyst for NBC Sports in 2022. The news was reported on Monday, which potentially opens the door for one Return to the NFL for brees. He commented on the message via Twitter and was non-binding either way.

“Despite media speculation about my future this fall, I am undecided at this time. I may work for NBC, I may play football again, I may focus on business and philanthropy, I may train for the Pickleball Tour, the Senior Golf Tour, coach my kids, or all of the above. I’ll let you know.”

As for the last team Brees played NFL football for, the New Orleans Saints are in their QB situation locked in with Jameis Winston. Even though Winston picked up an ACL injury, he’s probably still the better option over Brees this season. Did you last see Brees when he was playing football in the league? He struggled to throw the ball down. Somehow I doubt that has changed after a year hiatus at the age of 43.

But when King writes or speaks out loud about a possible return of Brees and teams that might suit him, then King needs to hear something. King has been in the league for a long time and is well connected, so I think there might be some truth to this story one way or the other.

Let’s assume Seattle is interested in Brees if he returns. So what does that say about 1) Drew Lock, the guy Carroll swears is good enough to race for him next September? 2) How would this affect Baker Mayfield and the possibility of him joining the Seahawks?

You won’t find many people considering Lock a true NFL starter with QB. Except for Carroll, who says it was Lock first QB selected in this year’s draft. Lock had his shot in Denver and it was wasted. If Brees returned and joined the Seahawks, it wouldn’t be an opportunity to fight Lock for the QB1 spot. Brees ended up being pretty bad, but he earned the right to go into a season as a starter via Lock.

For the Seahawks, however, that would be an odd move. If Carroll and general manager John Schneider believe the answer is to sign a 43-year-old QB returning after a year out, then Seattle has more problems than previously thought.

The Seahawks would be far better off chasing Baker Mayfield, who they apparently don’t even think is worth a late-round draft pick. But if you’re interested in bringing Brees, why not trade a fifth-round pick for Baker? If Mayfield is healthy at this point, he must be a better option than Brees. And if that were to happen, it would not reflect well on Mayfield if a once-retired QB in his 40s passed him.

Whether it’s true or not, the comments from Cleveland about the Browns wanting a “grown-up” at QB certainly seem to resonate in the league. Mayfield is still a Brown and we know he won’t be playing there in 2022. We’re two weeks away from the NFL draft, and Baker still doesn’t know where he’ll play this fall.

I’d be surprised to see Brees back in pads on an NFL field this fall after things ended in New Orleans. His arm looked shattered and he was throwing the ball at very low speed, constantly striving to make deep, accurate passes. But should he return, Seattle, who’s firing at Brees, wouldn’t be entirely out of left field. Heck, Carroll has been trying to sell the world for two months that Lock is the Seattle guy.

Between the two, it’s really a coin toss between Brees and Lock at this point and who would be worse in Seattle. The best option for the Seahawks is Baker, but that doesn’t seem likely at the moment. Although I see him as an average QB, a healthy Mayfield should have an advantage over Lock and Brees.

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