Draymond Green follows Bill Simmons’ bad take with his own


Draymond Green

Draymond Green
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Whenever I see beef in the sports media, I wonder what’s for dinner or literally daydream about something else. So when I saw Draymond Green tear Bill Simmons up for Simmons’ “Fuck Jalen Green” line, I looked out the window and wondered if this spring rain in Chicago was going to be a rain too heavy for my baggy vest the way home could withstand him.

If you read the headline and clicked on it, I am obliged to report that Green was upset that Simmons has price voting and thus a say in the potential earnings of NBA players. This is because awards have a direct impact on how big a contract an organization can give a player. So when Simmons said “Fuck Jalen Green” he might have been joking, but in the current sports news cycle it’s not what you meant it was aggregated.

simmons half-heartedly withdrawn, but the tree of hot takes needs to be refreshed with the blood of podcasters and bullies from time to time. Draymond’s rebuke was false – “What has work [Simmons] what has he done in his life that qualifies him to have a say in an NBA player’s salary?” — but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Also, there is no right side here because both are wrong. Simmons’ claim that wins should count in Rookie of the Year voting is like judging a restaurant by its earnings, not its food, in the first few months of its opening. Give him a second, man damn it. That’s not the MVP. The Houston guard put enough good food in the window to not get summarily fired.

That’s not an endorsement from Green either, because if he’s outraged with his usual outrage over whether Simmons qualifies to determine how much a player makes, he should take it up with the NBPA and the owners over that stupid contract clause is nothing new. Raise the issue with Players’ Association President CJ McCollum on his podcast if you’re that angry.

And if Green wants to attack a media member’s credibility for never playing in the NBA, then maybe go after a guy whose obsession with the league doesn’t border on the clinical disorder. I guarantee worse ballots were filed than the one Simmons filled out.

Taking sides in this debate is akin to choosing between steamed broccoli and steamed asparagus, only if steamed broccoli and steamed asparagus had a large following. I know saying “Who cares” is just as derogatory as Simmons’ comments on Jalen Green, so I hope my apathy wasn’t overt enough to send you elsewhere for that clickbait.

At least this article(?) wasn’t just Green’s quote copied and pasted into a post. There’s a half-thought-out analogy and play on the Thomas Jefferson quote that Ed Harris recited The stone to go along with the fullness of anarchy.

Anyway, what’s for dinner? I really hope it’s not steamed broccoli and asparagus.

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