Despite losing to Inter Milan, Liverpool reached the Champions League quarter: Jürgen Klopp regretted the “slapstick” finish

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said they deserved to progress to the quarter-finals of the Champions League despite losing 1-0 to 10-man Inter Milan on Tuesday.

Losing the right games: Jurgen Klopp urges Liverpool to learn from Inter Milan defeat (Reuters Photo)

Losing the right games: Jurgen Klopp urges Liverpool to learn from Inter Milan defeat (Reuters Photo)


  • Liverpool reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League
  • Jurgen Klopp regretted Liverpool’s ‘slapstick’ finish against Inter
  • Liverpool reached the quarter-finals despite losing 1-0 to Inter Milan

Jurgen Klopp believes Liverpool deserved the Champions League quarter-finals despite losing the second leg to Inter Milan but asked his side to avoid repeating the performance.

Klopp wasn’t very happy with his team’s ‘slapstick’ finish. Liverpool progressed with a 2-1 aggregate win but Klopp’s side missed a few chances in the second leg as Joel Matip headed off the bar and Mohamed Salah hit the post twice.

“It’s not that I’m over the moon – I’m really glad we made it because when we saw the draw it was ‘OK, this is a tough thing’. But we went on two legs and I think we deserve it.” ‘ Klopp told reporters.

“It’s a big ‘if’ but if we had taken our chances from set pieces and other situations – it was a bit slapstick how we missed chances – we could still have won in the end.

“But the only thing I care about is that it’s fair that we’re through.”

Salah said he hopes to make up for his failures.

“I hit the post twice, it’s OK – maybe I’ll score three goals next game. I don’t mind so much if the team qualifies,” said Salah, who has scored 27 goals in all competitions so far this season has, opposite BT Sport.

“You can learn a lot from this game, it’s always important to win, but sometimes, like tonight, you hit the post twice and miss chances, that can happen. The good thing is that it’s not in the league and we’re each other have qualified.” . That’s great.”

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