Ash Barty, world No. 1 tennis star, announces his retirement at 25


World No. 1 Ashleigh Barty retired from professional tennis at the age of 25 and helped raise some eyebrows in the tennis world. The three-time Grand Slam champion, who won the Australian Open earlier this year, cited fatigue on the tour and meeting her tennis goals for retiring from the sport.

Remarkably, Barty had taken a break from sport in the past and even tried his hand at professional cricket in Australia. As a teenager, she left tennis at the end of 2014 and only returned in 2016, after which she quickly rose in the rankings. Barty had even played in the Women’s Big Bash League during the tennis break.

The Aussie star retires with 15 titles in less than two months after winning the Australian Openher third Grand Slam singles triumph after Wimbledon 2021 and the French Open 2019. Barty spent a total of 121 weeks as the world number one.

Barty said she had been considering retiring for almost a year and reiterated the decision after completing the Australian Open challenge earlier this year.

“Ash Barty, the person, has so many dreams to chase that it’s not necessarily about traveling the world, being away from my family, being away from my home, which is where I’ve always wanted to be” , Barty said in a video on her Instagram account with her good friend and former doubles partner Casey Dellacqua.

“I will never stop loving tennis, it’s been a big part of my life, but I think it’s important that I get to enjoy the next part of my life as Ash Barty the person, not Ash Barty the athlete .

“I know I’ve done this before, but with a different feeling.

“I am so thankful for tennis, it has given me all my dreams and more, but I know now is the time to step back, chase other dreams and put down the racquets.”


Barty addressed her decision even as she tried to hold back her tears in the Instagram video. The Australian tennis star admitted he no longer has the drive to compete at the highest level, adding that winning the Australian Open has made her feel fulfilled.

“There was just a little part of me that wasn’t entirely satisfied, not entirely fulfilled,” she said.

“And then the Australian Open challenge came along and I think that just feels like the perfect way for me, my perfect way, to celebrate what an amazing journey my tennis career has been.”

“I know how much work it takes to be the best you can be and I’ve told my team several times, it’s just that I don’t have that in me anymore. I don’t have the physical drive, I want the emotional and have everything it takes to stop challenging myself at the top of the level.

“All I know is that I’m absolutely – I’m exhausted – I just know that physically I have nothing left to give. And that’s a success for me. I’ve given absolutely everything I can do for this beautiful sport of tennis.”


WTA boss Steve Simon paid tribute to a player who has become synonymous with good sportsmanship and has won fans worldwide for her brilliant tennis and laid-back demeanor.

“Ashleigh Barty, with her signature slice backhand complemented by her role as the ultimate competitor, has always led by example with the unwavering professionalism and athleticism she brought to every match,” said Simon.

“With her successes at the Grand Slams, the WTA Finals and reaching the top spot as World No. 1, she has clearly established herself as one of the great champions of the WTA.”

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